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  1. composer require syntax/forum:dev-master
  2. php artisan config:public syntax/forum
  3. Update your config files in app/config/packages/syntax/forum


The forums are an involved process allowing for a great deal of customization. The only caveat to that is that you have to know where to look. This page will go over the different forum areas and explain how they work and what they do.



I have moved the details for each of the pages in this system to their own pages grouped by the tier they belong to. If you want details on the code itself, look to those pages.


To get details on the models used in this system, go here.


To get details on the controllers used in this system, go here.


To get details on the views used in this system, go here.


This area will attempt to detail how to add to or customize the forum system. If you see anything not listed, please follow the steps in the support section.

Area Guides

Using the forums

Technical Support Forums

These particular forum boards behave differently from the others. They are meant as a way for users to quickly alert devs to issues. Posts in these boards have a status to detail where they are in the support cycle. There are four statuses.

  1. Open - These issues have not yet been reviewed by an admin.
  2. In Progress - This means the admin has seen the issue and is working on it or investigating.
  3. Resolved - The issue has been fixed as far as the admin is aware.
  4. Wont Fix - Issues with this status are never going to be fixed.

Forum moderation

When users report a post to a moderator, it goes here. Those with permission can see reported posts. From there they can take a number of actions.

  1. They Can remove the report
  2. They can escalate the report to a forum admin for review
  3. They can delete the post

Moderators are also able to view logs of actions taken on other posts in the past.

Forum Administration

This is very similar to the moderation area. They can see escalated posts and previous actions taken. They also have management areas though.

  1. User - Ability to change a user's forum role.
  2. Board - Ability to organize, modify and delete boards.
  3. Categories - Ability to organize, modify and delete categories.


Please use my talk page to submit issues with the forum (or a request for more guides) through the wiki. Otherwise, use the technical support boards on the site you are having issues with. Thanks.

Blue Eye.jpg Stygian 22:58, 27 September 2013 (UTC)

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