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This page will be used to denote large changes to the code base. The idea is not to detail every change that happens, but detail those that would affect existing or future code or user interaction.

Please use the following syntax when adding a change.

  1. Page Title
    • Please make this easy to understand (ex, CRUD resources change)
  2. Use the Update template
  3. Use the category "Updates" as well as "Dev Updates" and/or "User Updates"

Update Template

  • {{update|type|commit link}}
  • There are three possible types
    • dev = This is a developer only update
    • user = This is a user only update
    • devuser = This update affects both devs and users
  • Commit link is a link to the commit at github


This page pertains to Developer concerns and practices.

This page pertains to User interactions.

Pages in category "Updates"

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