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Creating Package Updates


This page is meant to help developers with the update process of packages.



Create your code changes

The first step is to obviously update your code. Make any changes you need to and make sure everything works like usual.

Update the version

Next you need to update the version. This is done in two places.

  1. The main service provider for the package.
  2. The github repo for the package.

Create any needed changes in the command

Each package has an install command in src/commands/Syntax. This install command is used to help with the needed updates. If your update requires any changes to a sites configs (or anything that can be handled by a command) place it here. The syntax for the methods is update<OldVersion>To<NewVersion>. If your update handles from version 1.0.1 to 1.0.3 your method should be called update101To103().

Push your changes

Lastly, as always, push your changes to the github repo.


Try to write wiki documentation on your changes, or update existing pages.