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Creating a Syntax Package


Set up your composer.json

  1. Include the minimum core version needed (Likely 2.0.0)
  2. Include the authors


  1. Add the version as a constant to your service provider.
  2. Create a config file (or add to it) with a version entry.

Adding database tables and data

  1. Create a database folder at <your_package>/src/database
  2. Create a migrations and a seeds folder depending on your needs
    • NOTE: Seeds to not need a DatabaseSeeder.php file. It will all be handled through the migrate:syntax artisan command.

Adding Views

  1. Register them in your service provider
  2. Update syntax/core/src/services/View/Environment.php
  3. Update syntax/core/src/services/Utility/CoreView.php

Setting up auto-update hooks in github

Update core setup command

  1. Add to the list of packages.
  2. Create a setUp and configure method for your command.

Create your update command

This should be similar to the ones found in the existing packages. It will be used to handle easy updating.