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Git Addresses

Laravel Base

Current - Laravel 4.1 - https://github.com/syntaxerrors/LaravelBase

Installation Script

There is a script that can simplify the installation process significantly. Copy the below into your home directory and you can use it any time you need to make a new site.


  • ./install.sh
  • ./install.sh <relative path to new site document root>
  1. cd /home/stygian
  2. ./install.sh dev/testing

This would create a folder at /home/stygian/dev/install and begin the installation process.


  1. #! /bin/bash
  3. function e {
  4.         echo -e "\e[1;36m$1\e[0m"
  5. }
  7. # Make sure a path is given
  8. if [ -z "$1" ] ; then
  9.         e "What is the root of the new site?"
  10.         read documentRoot
  11. else
  12.         documentRoot=$1
  13. fi
  15. # Make sure the directory exists and is empty
  16. mkdir -p $documentRoot
  17. cd $documentRoot
  18. rm -rf ./*
  19. rm -rf ./.git*
  21. # Pull the git repo
  22. e "Cloning base install..."
  23. git clone git@github.com:syntaxerrors/LaravelBase.git ./
  25. # Run composer and submodules
  26. e "Running composer install..."
  27. composer install
  28. e "Setting submodules..."
  29. git submodule init
  30. git submodule update
  32. # Start up the syntax requirements
  33. e "Starting syntax install..."
  34. php artisan syntax:configure
  35. php artisan syntax:setup
  36. php artisan syntax:clean

Installation Command

If you would like, you can use the install command to handle installing the site for you. The steps are very simple.

  1. cd public_html
  2. git clone git@github.com:syntaxerrors/LaravelBase.git ./
  3. composer install
  4. git submodule init
  5. git submodule update
  6. php artisan syntax:install

The command syntax:install will guide you through everything else. It will ask you the details for your remote config, database config and any syntax packages you want to install during the process. Make sure you have these handy.

Manual installation

Getting started

You will need to install the following prior to installing the base framework.

  1. Composer
  2. Node (If you want the chat room)
  3. Git
  4. PHP >= 5.4
  5. a document root of public for your project (for this example we are going to use public_html/public)

Fetching the repository

Move into the public_html directory

  1. cd public_html

clone the git repository

  1. git clone git@github.com:syntaxerrors/LaravelBase.git ./


Download all the composer dependencies for the laravel framework.

  1. composer install

Git Submodules

Initialize the sub modules and download them

  1. git submodule init
  2. git submodule update


Create the package config files

  1. php artisan config:publish syntax/core

Update your configs

  • Directory: <root>/app/config
  • Update database.php
    • Make sure this has your correct database, user and password.
  • Update packages/syntax/core


Create a new database for your install and add the credentials to the app/config/database.php file.

Generate your security key

  1. php artisan key:generate

Install migrations table

  1. php artisan migrate:install

Run migrations and seeds

  1. php artisan syntax:database


Add gulp.js and the needed plugins

  1. php artisan syntax:gulp

Set up the required assets

  1. gulp install

And that's it!

Known issues

500 Error

If you get a 500 error when you first try to view the new site check the permissions on public/ and public/index.php. If they are writable by group this can cause 500 errors.

  1. chmod 755 public/
  2. chmod 755 public/index.php

Optional Packages

If you want to make use of the other packages you will need to add them separately.


  1. composer require syntax/chat:dev-master
  2. composer require syntax/forum:dev-master
  3. composer require syntax/steam-api:dev-master


  1. php artisan config:publish syntax/chat
  2. php artisan config:publish syntax/forum
  3. php artisan config:publish syntax/steam-api


Run migrations and seeds

  1. php artisan syntax:database